Ministering for Christ

I have been thinking a lot in recent days about how we best minister for Christ at Joshua's Way. In other words, what are some practical principles that we should follow to most effectively serve Christ? How can we avoid becoming another inflexible, ineffective institution? How can we maintain our focus and accomplish our mission?

To answer some of these questions for myself and Joshua's Way, I developed a Philosophy of Ministering for Christ: 10 Practical Principles. These principles may not be for everyone. There are certainly other principles that could be on the list. But these 10 principles have guided a lot of what we have done at Joshua's Way. So here they are for your consideration.  If you have thoughts or comments, I would be delighted to hear from you.  David Rogers

Philosophy of Ministering for Christ

10 Practical Principles

1. Be wary of crowds; realize the effectiveness of the small, the mobile.

2. Seek the simple path and the direct way using the called and committed.

3. Avoid mere activity, needless meetings, ongoing "committees", constraining procedures.

4. Be not so much concerned with budgets as with mission.

5. Be wary of the "splash", the grand; seek after the quiet, the steady, the cool heights of the mountain that few truly wish to climb.

6. Be wary of earthly encumbrances, "pious" talk, the trappings of religion, personal ambition; seek after heaven, reality, "true truth".

7. Before seeking to change the whole world, seek first to change ourselves and those God sends across our path.

8. When teaching, teach in a way that is plain, unencumbered, foundational,  enlightening,  and teach those who wish to see.

9. Be not driven by societal expectations or human traditions.

10. Seek hard after God and His pleasure.