Prayer is intimate. It is a conversation with God. As we interact with Him, we come to know Him more deeply.    

Prayer is powerful and effective. God tells us to bring to Him our every thought, concern, anxiety and praise. He tells us clearly that when we seek Him with all of our heart, that we will find Him; when we pray according to His will in Jesus’ name, it will done for us.

Prayer knows no physical bounds. Pray is a spiritual activity. So while we are bound to our physical location, prayer connects us to the people and places that are beyond our reach. Prayer reaches out and connects us to those who are bridging the physical boundaries to take God’s love to others. Through prayer, you go with them!

Prayer is also listening. Since prayer is a conversation with God, it is a time to hear from God. It is a time to grow in our faith and love for God. As we grow, we are better prepared to serve God and other people.  
So let us pray. 



  • As we work on the planning of the JW Schedule that we would seek to bring glory and honor to God.
  • That those who come to classes would have hearts open to hear all that God wants to say to them.
  • Participants would come to know God and then live their lives based on that knowledge.
  • That the Joshua's Way team would be sensitive to God's leading.
  • That those teaching and leading would speak the truth in love.

Project Pawe, Ethiopia:

  • The people of Pawe to be open to know God.
  • Donations to complete the Matching Grant so that the people of Pawe will have clean water.
  • The Pawe hospital staff.  The staff is overwhelmed with the care of more than they can physically handle.
  • Ato. Asfaw the Pawe Hospital CEO and Ato. Tilahun head of the Pawe Nursing School.  These men are entrusted with the allocation of scarce resources.  Pray for wisdom and provision.
  • For the financial means to supply a water filtration/purification system for the hospital and village.


  •  Volunteers who will come along side Florin, Amy and Lea Ann to help them to share God's love through hospitality. 
  • Specifically meals for the students who have signed up for Bible Study and those who would open their homes for Amy to lead a friendship time with female students.
  • Opportunities for Florin, Amy and Lea Ann to share about International Student Ministry with Christian groups and organizations
  • Monthly donors to help meet the increasing ministry opportunities.
  • Friendship Partners for international college students for the 2013-4 school year.
  • Open doors and open hearts as Florin and Amy and Lea Ann offer themselves in love to the students.
  • For God's provision for the financial needs of this ministry.
  • Pray for all the details, resources and volunteers to come together as we begin planning for the 2013 - 2014 school year.


  • Greater participation in this mission's project by our community.
  • Volunteers for 2013 Collection Week (Nov. 18 - 25, Monday to Monday)


  • Opportunities to reach others in Christ's name throughout our community
  • The homeless that we serve to encounter God's love.
  • That the prisoners would accept freedom in Christ and release from darkness to walk in newness of life.
  • For the orphans to experience joy and healing.