All You Need Is Love, Part 1

Part 1: “Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

It happened June 25, 1967—the first ever live television show to be broadcast globally using satellite transmissions.  400 million people in 31 countries viewed the 2 hour production that featured various artists and musicians from around the globe performing live. The broadcast opened with the Vienna Boys Choir singing a song in 22 different languages. But the highlight of the evening was the appearance of the Beatles performing a new song for the first time for this international broadcast. The song—All You Need is Love—became an instant hit.

Understood rightly, All You Need is Love, provides an excellent theme for our lives and relationships. Now the Beatles, I would submit, had some wrong-headed notions about real love. But biblical love—agape—is the central ethic in the teachings of Christ and the New Testament.  It is a virtue that should pervade our lives.